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I like to live in a place where there is space for a person to be both community artist and the studio artist. The person should have the freedom to swing between both the perspectives. I started to believe in art for the discovery's sake, justice's sake, empowerment's sake, and learning's sake. In simple, I believe in art for art's sake. Art is a very powerful medium, and it is time to find and support the artists who work out of uncertainty, ambivalence and unknowing. It is essential to make the artists have moral certitude and ethical conviction. In order to support and spread the equality, art can be used as it has a very important role to play.

In fact, social justice and art have the ability to survive in all situations that are mentioned above. Art is divergent and should represent aesthetic perspectives in a better manner. There are many associations that strive in order to make their views reach the people through art. For example, Leeway Foundation which is based in Philadelphia strives to create good opportunities for Trans artists and women who are willing to bring a positive change. M.Brown, the executive director of this foundation, has stated that innovative ideas from the grantmaking practice and foundation history can be used.

That is rather than staging exhibitions that has the CV, publications, and advanced degrees. It will be a very good idea to ask for an experience page from the willing artists that will have ten incidents that helped them to shape their activism and artistry. When the artists submit their CV instead of an experience page, they will be rejected directly. This is a very refreshing move that will help to change the traditional methods and create a new way. Though this might be a bit difficult to implement initially, but once done, it will be very advantageous.